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Preliminary Mathematics
Maths, Preliminary

Preliminary Mathematics

Training programm
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Preliminary Mathematics Tutoring Specialists

Our Mathematics tutors provide 100% support to students in Sydney and specialise in Preliminary Mathematics tutoring and all levels of University Mathematics. We are very science oriented and our Mathematics tutors are qualified and dedicated to teaching Preliminary Mathematics at the highest standard

Our Preliminary Mathematics Tutoring Service

The Preliminary Mathematics tutoring service that we provide extends beyond the classroom to help students enjoy the subjects that they study while creating an atmosphere of enthusiastic learning and creative thinking. This highly beneficial learning environment is achieved by providing students with the following.

Platinum Education Australia is an established organisation dedicated to provide Sydney students with 100% support to be accepted into the University degree of their choice. Our reliable and solid academic knowledge and teaching experience ensures students are well prepared for school examinations.

About the Course

The content of this course, which includes the whole of Mathematics, and its depth of treatment as specified in the Board of Studies Syllabus indicate that it is intended for students who have demonstrated a mastery of the skills included in the School Certificate mathematics course and who are interested in the study of further skills and ideas in mathematics.

The Mathematics course is intended to give these students a thorough understanding of, and competence in, aspects of mathematics including many which are applicable to the real world. The course has general educational merit and is also useful for concurrent studies of science, industrial arts and commerce. It is a recommended minimum basis for further studies in mathematics as a major discipline at a tertiary level, and for the study of mathematics in support of the physical and engineering sciences.

Although the Mathematics course is sufficient for these purposes, it is recommended that students of outstanding mathematical ability should consider undertaking the Extension 1 course.


Learning Plan

  • Topic 1 | Basic Arithmetic and Algebra.

  • Topic 2 | Real Functions.

  • Topic 3 | Trigonometric ratios.

  • Topic 4 | Linear Functions.

  • Topic 5 | The Quadratic Polynomial and the Parabola.

  • Topic 6 | Plane Geometry.

  • Topic 7 | Tangent to a curve and derivative of a function.

Class Venue

 Hornsby, NSW 2077, Australia

The Platinum Advantage

  1. Full year Mathematics courses in accordance with the NEW Preliminary syllabus.
  2. Complete detailed Preliminary Mathematics coverage on every core topic.
  3. Email support for students that have questions outside of Mathematics  class times.
  4. Complementary problem solving tutorials with our Preliminary Mathematics  specialised tutors.
  5. Telephone tutor support for Preliminary Mathematics students that require help while studying at home.
  6. Regular Preliminary Mathematics practice topic, examinations covering the whole curriculum.
  7. Helping Preliminary students with school work and assignments.
  8. Weekly Mathematics homework is given to students that is checked.
  9. Extra question time before and after Mathematics classes.
  10. Individual study plans for students to help them utilise their time effectively.
  11. An option of one-on-one Mathematics tutoring or classes.
  12. Exam planning and maximising ATAR score.

“Very happy that I did my exam with you guys, definitely booking invigilation again with Platinum Education”.

Casey Holsworth

“The exam went by very smoothly and the invigilators were friendly and extremely helpful”.

James Valemi

“Tutoring at Platinum Education convinced me not to drop physics and I got a band 6 in it! thank you for everything”.

Henry Atunak

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your great teaching. Especially in physics, it was my highest HSC mark”.


Adam Tennle

“Thank you for all your help with physics, I was really finding it hard, but now it’s good”.

Joy Zanic

Preliminary Maths Tutor

Full Length
Full length Examinations covering the syllabus information.
Complete Preliminary
Complete Preliminary Mathematics exam reviews providing thorough explanations on all theory
Email Support
Email support for all Preliminary Mathematics students that have questions
Phone: 02 9045 1300
Hornsby NSW 2077