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Our tutoring courses are built in partnership with academic leaders and are relevant to university needs. Upon completing a tutoring course, students have the ability to confidently move forward in developing their careers.

Australia has many universities that provide students with access to world class undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Here you will find a list of some of the universities in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria where you can find any course you are interested in to study and excel.

Platinum Education Australia is proud to help students acheive their goals for admission into their desired courses at the university of their choice.

Here is a video about a Chemistry question all year 12 students come across in exams!

Why do different liquids boil at different temperatures? It has to do with how strongly the molecules interact with each other. Find out all the different ways, and how to use them to make predictions about matter!


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Casey Holsworth

“The exam went by very smoothly and the invigilators were friendly and extremely helpful”.

James Valemi

“Tutoring at Platinum Education convinced me not to drop physics and I got a band 6 in it! thank you for everything”.

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“Just wanted to say thank you for all your great teaching. Especially in physics, it was my highest HSC mark”.


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“Thank you for all your help with physics, I was really finding it hard, but now it’s good”.

Joy Zanic

“Thank you for all your help with chemistry, I really got a great mark, band 6!”

David Kelman

‘I never thought that chemistry tutoring would help me so much. You really helped my marks a lot”.

John Mason

“I enjoyed the time I had for tutoring and you have inspired me all the way through the year! Platinum Education has inspired me and my passion for chemistry!!!”

Shelly Zang

“It was hard finding a good tutor in IB maths. I understand maths much better now”.

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“From a mark of 56% to a 93% in maths, i’m very happy, thank you for the excellent help”.

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